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by Richard Devine

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Obstacle of Affliction
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Obstacle of Affliction This is just some bad ass crazy shit!
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audiophilist This type of music is hardly accessible, for me at least. Perseverance rewards the listener with incredible sounds and komplex rhythms. Favorite track: Plonked Spectral (LOOPS HAUNT Remix).
Source Invisible
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Source Invisible I had the pleasure of playing a gig with Richard once and it was like hearing techno from another plain of reality where inhuman glitching insectal robots were playing circuit bent 303's. AMAZING. RISP is bloody great, and it would be fantastic if he put out more music - so everyone should get on his socials and pester the hell out of him night and day to stop dicking around with all that money making sound designy stuff he does and put out more records! Favorite track: TiptopBD808.
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Mu5ca-Din3 05:09
TiptopBD808 04:36
Morro 01:02
Oxin2lin 08:15
Erkwerks 01:05
Plasmik 01:59
Varseop 04:06


RISP is Richard Devine’s algorithm-based exploration of generative time structures for analog synths. Expect to breathe air on distant planets as chaotic, broken machines speak harmonious mutant languages via RD’s human/alien soundesign and audio activist remixes. 19 new tracks to become alien.

These compositions were created and initially sequenced on the Euro rack modular and Elektron Octatrack machines. Advanced media technology driven by algorithm-based generative time structures forge new pathways to critical discourse across six tracks. Expect new forms of becoming especially reflection, restfulness and peaceful integration subsequent to witnessing crazy, chaotic, seemingly broken machines talking to one another, somehow harmonized via Richard Devine’s remarkable human/alien sound design. Limited edition clear 12″ vinyl with screen printed sleeves & graphic design and visuals by dmas3™™™™™™™™

Plonked Spectral:
The set plonks us down right into the up/down, start/stop, high/low, life/death paradoxes of being human; frequency distributions cascading across sensoria-spectrum in manic, hyper-kinetic, frigid, broken rhythm time signatures; alien sounds emerging from somewhere affecting an immediate, haunting, dis-orientation of senses. The result: New positivities for mind, body, and soul to deconstruct, realign and coalesce. If John Cage was the first and foremost to employ the fixed sound plane affirming process against all structure, floating time against pulsed time or tempo, Devine takes the principle to the next electroacoustic dimension deterritorializing and cutting through conventional assemblages (e.g. acts and statements / the intermingling of bodies reacting to one another) to reconfigure and make possible new ways to figure out how to suture wounds, heal, and become more fully human. It’s complex, mangled music to get one thinking anew, beyond/outside psychoanalysis, appreciating life both here and elsewhere, privileging experimentation over interpretation, pure modifications of speed replacing form, imagining new acoustic realities making possible actual transit to alien environments.

The introduction of vector synthesis enhances interstellar/planetary/mind travel via less abrasive sounds and as the ears relax pleasing new warm feelings emerge; one feels the transfiguration of aural networks, of optimised cochlear transduction, of new configurations of the bones in the inner ear; new alignments of malleus, incus and stapes receiving RD’s intuitive work-flow process programming of the Octatrack generating never-before heard frequency distributions. With realignment, power structures seem to melt away making possible new forms of feeling and identity formation. This is sound design of the highest order.

Having arrived in the Octatrack otherworld brace yourself for a furious, head-first onslaught of complex cortex pinching, index shifting, unquantifiable rate/ rhythm bio-power manipulation driving down into the soul, demanding ball-rolling, toe-tapping body movements. At the core are mathematically based, all analog mutant bass frequencies un-like anything produced by anybody else on Mother Earth. Devine bears his chest and from within emerges, finally, the masculine soundscape component to Donna Haraway’s ‘A Manifesto for Cyborgs’, resulting, potentially, in new unifications of women and men, perhaps even the erasure of gender altogether through RD’s cyborg as a simultaneous amalgam of fiction and socially lived experience – a simultaneity fundamental for the belief in liberation.

Varseop – Drumcell remix
This is a stand tall, cymbals ringing blitzkrieg attack remix of Varseop by Droid techno frontman Drumcell. The original hyper-kinetic chaotic fury is slowed down into a minimal groove without losing intensity. Mesmerizing oscillating sonic panning propels RISP’s critical investigation of identity, spatial relations and power structures yet further forward. The result is a spellbinding next level dance track thoroughly abstract and experimental in orientation yet expressing tones of universal love, community and togetherness.


released September 12, 2014





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Richard Devine Atlanta, Georgia

An award-winning sound designer and electronic composer whose sounds are applied to consumer products worldwide that range from smartphones to electric cars and touch on leading-edge areas such as AI and Virtual/Augmented reality environments. He has worked with the likes of Sony, Microsoft, Google, Jaguar, BMW, and Nike. ... more

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